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    About VitaBoys:
      VitaBoys was started  by some of the biggest fans of the Playstation Vita in order to provide news and reviews on the system, and its titles. What started as a love-letter to one of the best handheld systems around, has now grown into one of the biggest providers of Playstation Gaming News, Reviews, and Top 10's. Join our other 500,000 followers and follow us on Twitter @TheVitaBoys, or Subscribe to our Channel.
    VitaBoys started off as a small group writing articles, with the domain name of vitaboys.webs.com. Prior to the extreme popularity of that site vitaboys.net was created. Since then the site has expanded, and achieves tens of thousands of daily visitors. VitaBoys is now one of the most trusted names in video gaming news.
    PS Vita News:
    VitaBoys specializes in gathering the best playstation vita news and distributing it to the public. Each article has been thoroughly researched by both the author and editor to ensure the readers receive the best and most reliable PS Vita news!
    We believe our news is so accurate that the founder even provides his own email for fans to voice their complaints. It is important for our fans to be able to hold us accountable. If you feel an article or review is unfair or inaccurate email him at c.ruiz@vitaboys.net, or view the contact info for other methods of communication. Publishers can also email him if they would like their games to be featured on the site.
    PS Vita Reviews:
    The VitaBoys strive to have the most truthful, and fair reviews. Every game review is completely unbiased. Each review takes a deep look into each games features, from core mechanics, to stories, to graphics.
    The VitaBoys attempt to review every Vita game. The game reviews are distributed among staff based on the staffers core knowledge of that given genre. This way every fan can know that the reviews are the most comprehensive and truthful reviews possible, and they are written by experts. Once again if you feel a game was unfairly reviewed, take it directly to the founder.
    PS Vita Podcast:
    The newest member of the VitaBoys news outreach is the PS Vita Podcast. The podcast quickly became the #1 PS Vita podcast on the internet, garnering amazing reviews on each host including ITunes. The podcast has been featured in the top 100 several times in ITunes thanks to the fans!
    The podcast features TheAuburnMan and Mark Anthony as they sit down to discuss the latest news and coverage of the PS Vita. Each episode has the weekly news roundup, the upcoming game releases, what the cast has been playing, the weekly topic of discussion, and our favorite.... Fan questions.
    The PS Vita Podcast now has thousands of subscribers, and has tremendously helped the network grow. If you would like to submit fan questions, or view all of the podcast network hosts visit the podcast page!
    The VitaBoys Network will continue to grow, and thanks all of the fans who have come along the way. Without the fans this wouldn't be possible. We will continue to post the highest quality content available. If you want to know anymore about the VitaBoys, visit the other pages or reach out to them on Twitter @PSVitaBoys!
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