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    Chris Ruiz, (TheAuburnMan)
    Email- c.ruiz@vitaboys.net
    Chris started this site to bring the best playstation vita news and reviews to the public. His plan was to allow everyone the chance to know what is going on with the Vita, but didn't realixe how popular the site would get. TheAuburnMan writes many articles and is very involved with the site on a daily basis. He loves finding interesting news to share.

    Mark Ruiz
    Email- m.ruiz@vitaboys.net
    Mark Anthony helped originally found the VitaBoys. Since then he sticks to writing occasional opinion pieces and news. He mostly is in charge of quality assurance, making sure our readers do not get wrong or poorly written articles. Mark Anthony loves the PS Vita and hopes to continue supporting it through this site as long as possible.

    Gabe Watkins
    Email- g.watkins@vitaboys.net
    Gabe joined the staff shortly after the site was created. Ever since he has not been able to stop writing. He loves the Playstation Vita, and loves this community. Gabe mainly sticks to writing reviews, and writes the most in depth reviews of every genre of game. Gabe will continue to write reviews and maybe branch out in the future.

    Adrian Rubio
    Adrian is an engineer by day and avid gamer and sports fan by night. He enjoys most genres across all platforms but his true love is Japanese imports and niche games, especially on his console of choice; the PS Vita. By writing import and niche gaming reviews, he hopefully can have an impact on the PS Vita in the west.

    Jake Owens
    Email- j.owens@vitaboys.net
    Jake just recently joined the VitaBoys staff and absolutely loves it. He writes everything from news to reviews. Jake loves the ps vita more than any other system. Jake loves writing opinion pieces the most, because it gives him the chance to express his true opinion on ps vita topics. Jake will continue writing for the VitaBoys for as long as possible.

    Earl Wells
    Email- e.wells@vitaboys.net
    Earl Wells loves writing, but loves it even more when he can write about his favorite video gaming system he owns. He believes their has never been a console that deserves more love than the ps vita. Earl sticks to writing news and articles, but occasionally delves into some reviews and opinion pieces. It is unlikely Earl will quit writing anytime soon.

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