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    VitaBoys Join Forces With Fever Gaming

    Hey all you Vita lovers. We have a huge announcement to make. The VitaBoys and Youtube's Fever Gaming have officially joined together in a partnership. 

    What Does This Mean For You?

    Well you can now expect to see many different things begin integrating into the VitaBoys Network. 

    1. Firstly we will begin holding many gaming tournaments and party meet ups with the VitaBoys and Fever himself using the #PSVitaArmy. You will be able to hang out with other PS Vita fans and talk with the minds who bring you the top rated PS Vita podcast on the internet.

    2. We will begin spreading our network even further. Originally the VitaBoys were mainly a written news and reviews site. Now however we will begin doing all sorts of Vita related content. This includes Video reviews, let's plays, PS Vita Gameplay, and so much more. Stay tuned for more on that in the very near future. 

    3. You will also get to experience an even greater PS Vita Podcast. After partnering with Fever, whom by the way is now a permanent co-host of the VitaBoys, we have decided to upgrade our studio. This means higher quality epsiodes and even more fun with fans. You can also begin to expect many interviews begin making their way into our shows.

    4. Finally with the Fever Gaming partnership came another partnership. That is with Nerd Block, the subscription service that sends boxes full of goodies to the doorsteps of gamers and nerds. Well the VitaBoys have partnered up with Nerd Block and will begin delivering unboxings to you guys and will even host giveaways.

    So when everyone has begun to call it quits on the Vita, we still are looking out for you guys. We cannot wait to see what else the future holds for this great little handheld. Regardless, you can expect the VitaBoys and Fever Gaming to be right there reporting it all to you. Thanks for the support so far, we look forward to giving you guys even more Vita content to enjoy.
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