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    When Will We Finally Get A DareDevil Game Franchise?

    DareDevil has taken the Internet by storm since the launch of the New DareDevil series on Netflix that recently reached its 2nd season. The crime fighting vigilante is currently uber popular, and would without a doubt make us gamers very happy if he appeared in an Arkham Asylum esque title. It’s clear some companies have had the great idea to cash in with DareDevil’s popularity, for example DareDevil has made a recent appearance in an online casino game. The title itself is fun but certainly attracts more fans for the pure fact that it contains DareDevil. Sony, Ubisoft, or whoever can get their hands on the rights to DareDevil would be very wise to follow suit in their own title featuring the blind crusader.

    Last year, not long after the season 1 premiere, rumors began to spread of a potential title for home consoles featuring DareDevil. According to MoviePilot.com Insider Scoop, Marvels DareDevil was in the works. Unfortunately, since that posting back in July of 2015 no new reports have surfaced even remotely echoing similar sentiments. This of course leads most fans to believe that the MoviePilot.com report was an outlier.

    Regardless of reports of potential titles in works, one thing is for sure. Marvel’s DareDevil is a moneymaker, and a gaming franchise worth pursuing. It’s no secret that superheroes, be they in movies, shows, games, ect. are very profitable for any consumer industry.  Take Batman for example, DC unlike Marvel have recently been much more willing to introduce their characters to what is arguably now the largest entertainment medium, Video Games. Fans have been able to enjoy several titles in recent years featuring Batman, each title better than the last. The titles made tens of millions of dollars for DC, and it can be argued that the success of the game reached further than just the sales number surrounding the titles. Gamers are known to be willing to spend much more on collectibles, comics, and similarly related products aimed at their interests. It is no doubt that many gamers who played the Batman titles were compelled to purchase collectibles that matched their newfound interest sparked by the interactive titles.

    DareDevil and Marvel as a whole are missing out on a very profitable opportunity with gamers. Ben Affleck’s awful movie did nothing to help the franchise, and Netflix’s vastly superior portrayal can only do so much on its own. It is time to further this franchise beloved by many, and it is time to drum up toy and collectible sales. One medium has been known to do both, Marvel its time you take a look at DareDevil: The Game.
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