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    Extra- Time To Give Up On Bioshock Vita

    Opinion: Time To Give Up On Bioshock Vita

    Everyone knows what happened in 2011 at E3.  Ken Levine came out on stage, looked out at the crowd and said I have found a new device that I want to bring Bioshock to, as he held up his Vita. This may not have been an official announcement in any way, but the Vita community surely took it as one.

    Well it has been two years since that announcement and we have not seen Bioshock at all. Ken Levine came out and even said that development had not even begun. Furthermore, now Irrational Games has officially shut its doors, leaving us to believe we will never see a Bioshock game on the Vita. When we attempted to contact 2K for any news we were told there was no update on Bioshock for Vita. Possibly meaning they still hadn't even started development before Irrational closed up shop.

    If we ever do see an exclusive Bioshock for Vita we can expect it to be at least three years from now, at least. Our biggest hope for Bioshock Vita would be in the hands of a port, otherwise we probably won't play Bioshock on the Vita. 

    This is sad, but I think even if Irrational had not closed it's doors we still would have never seen Bioshock Vita. Ken Levine attempted to get funding and to start breaking ground on Bioshock for two years and he just couldn't get results. 

    I believe it is time we move on. Let's start asking for Infamous Vita, or GTA Vita, because lets face it Bioshock Vita is a lost cause. I do believe we will see a port bundle of a few of the early Bioshock titles, but nothing more. So I am truly sorry to say just give up on Bioshock Vita.

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