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    December Arcade Block Review

    Have you ever heard of LootCrate? You know, the monthly subscription box where you pay a flat fee and get sent a box full of goodies each and every month. Well if you know anything about LootCrate, you know, sure the box is full of great products. However for gaming fans, you and I both know that LootCrate is severely lacking in gaming products. As fans of Video Games and video game products, LootCrate isn't what you are looking for at all. You know what you are looking for? Its called Arcade Block.

    Arcade Block is arguably the greatest monthly subscription box for gamers of all types. Each box contains amazing gaming products that you just cannot find anywhere else. When you open your box each and every month, it is like unboxing happiness. Gamers and nerds will find a brand new unique T-shirt in every box. Joining the t-shirt are other great products, such as a unique pop vinyl figure, gaming accessories, comics, and so much more.

    The December Arcade Block was easily one of the greatest highlights of my month. When I popped that bad boy open, I was beyond ecstatic to see the amazing contents hiding within. This months box contained some of the best goodies I have seen to date in any subscription box I have access to. The arcade block contained an amazing t-shirt, a nice gaming accessory, a Halo lanyard, a Zelda figurine, some Sonic fridge magnets, and best of all an absolutely amazing Portal scarf.  This should be enough for you to want to head right on over to nerdblock.com and sign up for a subscription right away. If not keep reading as I detail the great items greeting me when I got this months Arcade Block.
     Decembers Arcade Block
    Price of Box- $20
    Price of Items- $78.91
    Savings- $58.91
     Each box will always contain a unique gaming t-shirt that cannot be found anywhere else. These shirts are not cheap either, they are all high quality Gildan shirts. Alone those shirts are worth at least 15$. Throw in the fact that they are so unique and have amazing sentimental value to gamers and nerds alike, they are priceless. This months t-shirt was a slightly simpler design than usual, yet unique none the less. The theme of December's shirt was Super Smash Brothers Brawl City. Unfortunately you guys have missed out on this shirt forever, but don't miss out on next months unique gamers shirt.

    Asobu Touch Control
    MSRP- $8.99
    The next item in Decembers Arcade Block was a touch control joystick for gaming on your phone. I had never seen or used something so amazing with my mobile games. I have always been so sick of having to use the touchscreen joystick all these mobile games use. I just cannot stand it. This joystick just pops right on to your phones screen right over the touchscreen joystick. You will never have to use those annoying touchscreen controls anymore. This item just further proves the quality of items that are thrown into the Arcade Block subscriptions.

    Zelda Minifigure
    MSRP- $4.99
     December's Aracade Block also had a figurine from The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass. Subscribers were able to find a yellow egg in their boxes that would contain 1 of 6 different buildable Zelda minfigures. I pop opened mine and found a Knight. Unfortunately I wanted Link. Of course I am not really sure how that matters at all. The minifigure was a high quality plastic toy that came with a minifigure, a minifigure item, and a stand for them to stand upon.

    Halo Lanyard
    MSRP- $5.99
    The next item we found was a nice high quality Halo lanyard. Obviously there isn't too much to say about a lanyard. However if you are a gamer, you have very likely played Halo before. How could you not be overjoyed to have a nice new lanyard to wear around your neck. I know I might have a little something to wear at the next E3 event...... possibly.

    Sonic Fridge Magnets
    MSRP- $18.95
    If you are a gamer of any type You Have Played Sonic. I mean come on, its one of the best games ever created. So you could imagine our excitement when we found a nice large pack of Sonic magnets tucked away in our Arcade Block. There were plenty of different magnets from Sonic and Tails, to the ground they walk on and the rings they play to capture. Heaven knows our fridge is now completely covered in Sonic magnets thanks to Arcade Block.

    Portal Scarf
    MSRP- $24.99
    Finally the best item this month comes straight from the laboratory, Aperture Laboratories to be exact. Thrown into the box this month as the special Arcade Certified Item of the Month is a Portal scarf to keep you warm during this already frigid winter. I have been wearing this since the day I started writing this review. The scarf is not only stylish and warm, but the scarf is also an extremely cool collectable for any gaming fan. 

    Thats it for this months Arcade Block review. In case I didn't mention its just a measly $20 a month to subscribe to Arcade Block. You save a lot of money by subscribing... A Lot! Until next month guys, when we will once again be reviewing Arcade Block.

    Want To Subscribe? Head On Over Through This Link- 

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