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    January Geek Fuel Review

    Woo! Its that time again. The time where our lovely friends over at GeekFuel once again provide us with our highlight of the month, and we must say they definitely delivered this month.....pun intended. For those of who may have missed our last review, GeekFuel is one of the greatest monthly subscription boxes that has ever existed for gamers and geeks alike. Last month's box was the first we had ever received here at the VitaBoys and we instantly fell in love with GeekFuel. Each month an extremely well designed box full of gaming goodies and toys arrives at your door for a small fee. Its so much fun to having that feeling of Christmas morning every single month, and offers so much excitement to gamers and fans of geekdom.

    January's box was certainly something downright special. The theme this month was space and time travel, and for fans of Doctor Who, you all certainly made out this month. A close friend of the VitaBoys was nearby to witness the opening of the GeekFuel and let out a blood curdling shriek of pure fan fueled joy when she saw the amazing contents of January's GeekFuel. So Much Doctor Who! Even for those like myself who don't care for Doctor Who, the box was certainly a treat. The t-shirt is easily the best shirt in a subscription box I have received thus far and the Full Mojo Rampage game is one amazingly fun time. Overall January's GeekFuel was one excitement after another as we pillaged our way through this month's box. Read on to see every item we received this month, but first take a look at how much money GeekFuel saved subscribers this month.

    January GeekFuel 
    Price- $13.90
    Price of Items- $61.43
    Savings- $47.53
    If You Subscribe Through This Link GeekFuel Will Throw In A Special Surprise For You!
    Make Sure To Check Out the GeekFuel Contest as Well! 

    Exclusive T-Shirt
    MSRP- $20
    The First Item we ran into when unboxing January's GeekFuel is so exclusive that we couldn't even find a single picture of the amazing thing on the internet. You know if Google cant find the bad boy that it is certainly as exclusive as exclusive can be. Anyways that is why I was so lazy and just cropped the shirt out of the photo above. This shirt is so amazing, I have been wearing it everywhere. Seriously, I dont think I have even washed it since the box arrived...... a week ago. The shirt shows "A Brief History of Time Travel." It includes the Tardis from Doctor Who, the teleportation scene from The Terminator, and even the Hot Tub Time Machine. This shirt is seriously just so cool, and I can't quit getting comments on it. As always, GeekFuel throws in high quality products as well, because the shirt isn't just cool looking it seriously is so comfortable. I expect to see many more great exclusive shirts from GeekFuel in the near future.  

    Dalek Bobble Head
    MSRP- $13.99
     The next item sitting atop the box to greet us as we dug through was one of the coolest little Dalek bobble heads I have seen. (if you don't know what a Dalek is, join the club with everybody else) The Doctor Who baddie is a very well made monitor mate that you are supposed to stick up on your television set. He just joined the rest of our gang on the shelf of awesome action figures (working on a better name.) For fans of Doctor Who, this item definitley brings back great memories and is certainly an amazing addition to your home.

    Iron-Ant Mash Up Magnet
    MSRP- $3.99
    Oh magnets how we love you. You keep unimportant junk and terribly drawn family portraits hung to our fridge. You help us get that lid out of the can of corn when we accidentally drop it in. You help distract us for hours on end with your beautiful designs. What? Is that only me? You'd be lost in the beauty of this superhero mash up magnet too if you had one. A simple little gift sure, but to fans its an item you just cannot get rid of once you have it. This magnet mashes together Iron Man and Ant-Man into...... the Iron Ant or Man-Man, your choice. Either way, its a pretty cool item we are glad to have seen in the box this month.

    Star Trek Coaster
    MSRP- $6.95
    Ok, so this item is really cool. We were digging through the box this month and felt something glass, only to
    find that it is one of the highest quality, coolest looking Star Trek coasters ever. No, we aren't really Star Trek fans, (I know weird, whatever) but who can't appreciate an item like this. I actually like the design so much that I refuse to put any drinks on the thing. Each box got one of four different designs, each one has a ship of some sort on it (sorry.)

    Ocarina of Time Mints
    MSRP: $3.50
    The next item up is something Marc Anthony really needs, and was happily given the second we saw it in the box. A pack of breath mints, neatly placed into one awesome Ocarina of Time shield. This item perfectly matches the months theme for sure and we can assure you this item definitely went to use. What more can we say.... its a pack of mints people. Geesh, what do you want from us. 

    Full Mojo Rampage Game and Sticker 
    MSRP: $13.00
    Finally, one of the coolest items in the box was a huge vinyl sticker of a Full Mojo Rampage character as well as a code for the entire game on Steam. This is certainly something we love about GeekFuel. They always try to put in an entire video game packed into each month's box. Its a really cool thing to see, and obviously we all certainly appreciate it. The game is extradorinarily fun, and I would have missed out on it if it weren't for my amazing friends at GeekFuel.


    Thats it for this months GeekFuel. Make sure to subscribe to the box, its a really small fee and amazing content. If you use the link geekfuel.com/vitaboys you can get an amazing free item. Until next month guys, we will see you later.

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