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    Pop in a Box Feburary Review

    Who hasn't fallen in love with Pop Figures? These 4-inch tall black eyed bits of plastic have taken the world by storm, and has me personally in somewhat of a choke-hold. I love figurines, and better yet I love pop culture. Thus Pop Figures naturally have a special place in my heart.

    The issue with Pop Figures is just how hard they are to collect. Anyone that has ever purchased even a single pop figure will find themselves in a never ending whirlwind of attempting to find the newest and rarest pops. That is where Pop in a Box comes in. With Pop in a Box you are able to pick out your favorite pops and throw them onto your wishlist, even if they aren't available on the market yet. Then once a month Pop in a Box will ship a random selection of pops off your wishlist to you. 

    Pop in A Box

    We were able to try out Pop in a Box this month and found it to be the best way to fulfill your Pop Figure needs. We hit the Pop-In-A-Box site and absolutely filled our cart with the likes of Supernatural, Arrow, Batman, and Disney pops. By doing this we had no idea what we would find in our box, but were more than pleased to find Dean Winchester and a Batman pop in our box. 
     The best features of Pop-in-A-Box have yet to even be mentioned. Pop in A Box keeps track of all your pops, making sure you never get the same pop twice. 

    Overall, our experience with this months Pop in a Box was better than we even hoped. After ordering, we received our box in just two days. In addition both of the Pops were packaged perfectly, and arrived in perfect condition. If you want to check out Pop in a Box, click that subscribe button to check it out. If you do you will receive a nice discount as well. 

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    Item Reviewed: Pop in a Box Feburary Review Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TheAuburnMan
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