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    Attack on Titan PS Vita vs. PS4 Comparison

    Attack on Titan, while not having arrived on Western shores yet, has begun to pick up steam in the East. The title is proving to be a massive hit among the Japanese, especially on the PS Vita. The popularity of the PS Vita version is no surprise when you consider the relative small housing sizes in Japan. Many Japanese families do not own home consoles, and thus rely on handheld titles. However, here in America it is no doubt the PS4 is an extremely popular console, and many Playstation owners have both the PS Vita and PS4. Those that do would like to know if Attack on Titan is better on PS Vita or PS4, and how the two versions compare. Although we at the VitaBoys did not personally delve into this issue, a fairly popular YouTube by the name of Havian has in fact taken a deeper look into this exact question. Check out his opinions below.

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