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    1001 Spikes PS Vita Review

    Have you ever played a game so unbearably hard that it wasn't even possible to enjoy playing it? A game where as hard as you tried you just couldn't get past the extreme difficulty to truly appreciate the quality of the game itself. After initially hearing of 1001 Spikes, a game where you only have 1001 lives to complete the game, I concluded that this would be one of those unenjoyably hard games. However after I got my hands on the game I realized I was completely and utterly wrong. Now don't get me wrong, the game is extremely difficult and probably not suited for rage-quiters. However 1001 Spikes has a hidden quality about it, that even after dying 50 times in 1 level you still just cannot put the game down. Nicalis managed to get just about every part of this game perfect, and well suited for the PS Vita.

    Gameplay- 9/10 The gameplay in 1001 Spikes is where the game truly shines. We have already explained that as the player you will only have 1001 lives to complete the utterly difficult game. Initially sure 1001 lives sounds like a lot, but once you delve into the game you realize that perhaps even 10,000 lives wouldn't be enough. Well, at least that was the case for me.
          1001 Spikes puts you into a 2D world and expects you to platform your way to the end of each level. Of course there are multitudes of traps awaiting your arrival in an attempt to move you one life closer to defeat. Death of course, is inevitable in the game. You will find yourself falling off ledges, dropping into pools of lava, and being impaled by spikes that only show themselves after you are lying on the ground lifeless. For the impatient gamer, this game isn't for you. However for those seeking a challenge I am here to tell you, 1001 Spikes is your game.
    The only big problem I have with 1001 Spikes is the multiplayer, or lack thereof. On the PS4 version of the game up to 4 players can sit on the couch together and take on the perils within the game together. This takes the game from being extremely frustrating to being hilariously fun to play with your close friends and family. On the PS Vita version however, multiplayer was completely removed from the game. After having played multiplayer, playing solo just didn't have that same appeal. However if this doesn't bother you as much as it does me, then the gameplay is absolutely perfect.
             The last thing I'd like to mention about 1001 Spikes gameplay is the butt-load of extras they threw in for our pleasure. The game contains several unlockables to truly enhance the game and its replay value. As the player you will be able to unlock several costumes in game. Many of the costumes have a familiar theme, such as a blue jumpsuit for the original Ninja Gaiden. Each of the costumes have a unique ability to enhance the gameplay experience. For example one costume I used gave me the ability to do a wall grab, or another let me do double-jumps. Having the option to change costumes truly adds great value to an already great experience.

    Story- 8/10 As to be expected with a game of its genre 1001 Spikes doesn't have much of a story to offer. This isn't necessarily a negative thing. In fact the game "not having a story" helps the player to focus on the games true star, the gameplay.
           The player takes on the role of Aban Hawkins, an Indian Jones wannabe whose absolute hatred of his father leads him on a quest through extreme perils. Yeah, that's pretty much the entire plot. Like I said though, the game doesn't need a Last of Us type of story. The story is comedic, and perfect for the game. You will get a few good laughs out of it, but the only memorable part of 1001 Spikes will remain its hardcore gameplay.

    Replay- 9/10 What can I say, this game is close to perfect. I personally couldn't put it down for the first playthrough. If you actually have the patience to make it through the first playthrough, you will almost inevitably find yourself wanting to go back for seconds.
             You will want to hit the game up for a second try for three reasons. First of all you will earn plenty of unlockable costumes which make the difficulty more bearable. Secondly you will want to go back and finish getting those trophies. Finally, you will just be way too addicted to quit after just one playthrough. The game truly is worth your fifteen dollars.

    Graphics/Sound- 9/10 1001 Spikes is your classic 8-Bit 2D platformer that would look perfectly normal running on an NES. There is nothing extremely special here to talk about, but that's just it. 1001 Spikes achieved exactly what it wanted with regards to how it looks, and sounds. So, like I said there isn't much else to say here. The game has a few graphical hiccups throughout the game, but nothing that you will notice while you are impaled with spikes again.

    Overall 1001 Spikes is a must own on the Playstation Vita system. I continuously hear PS Vita owners complaining of the multitudes of 2D platformers that fill the PS Vita store. However this game is different, this game is unique. 1001 Spikes offers gamers a fun, albeit extremely frustrating, platformer to take on the go with them. 1001 Spikes has amazing gameplay mechanics, and awesome replay value. You can't go wrong purchasing this game. The only fault is the missing multiplayer, which is perfectly overlookable. However after experiencing the multiplayer hilarity you truly miss not having that on the go. Otherwise 1001 Spikes is another great entry in the PS Vita library.

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    Item Reviewed: 1001 Spikes PS Vita Review Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TheAuburnMan
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