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    News- Soul Sacrifice Delta Coming To North America

    Soul Sacrifice Delta has officially been announced to be coming to Vita. This game was announced by Japan Studios to be coming later this year along with Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines and Freedom Wars. We had heard a lot of speculation that the game would be coming to North America, however it has just now been officially announced.

    Soul Sacrifice Delta adds a ton of new content to the original Soul Sacrifice that came out early last year. The game has added factions so players will be able to choose a side of their choice to join.

    Below we have listed all the new features added to Soul Sacrifice Delta.
    "New Archfiends"
    "New Sorcerers"
    "New Spells"
    "New Arenas"
    "More Quests"

    We are unsure as to whether or not save date or DLC will cross over from the original. For all Soul Sacrifice owners, we know that the game was supported long after release with a lot of DLC, we expect the same to happen with Soul Sacrifice Delta. Finally the release date has been set for May 6th. If we happen to learn any more details before release, we will let you know.

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