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    The Sly Collection Review For The PS Vita

    (Editors Note- This review will not match the format of previous reviews due to the game being a remaster, it was unnecessary to cover the story or replay value)

    It seems that almost every game ported to the Vita has its flaws. Whether it was The Jak and Daxter collection with its frame rate drops, or the Metal Gear Solid collection with its buggy gameplay, rarely do we get to see a perfect port. However The Sly Collection has achieved that, and so much more. Now understand that the Collection does have a few small flaws, but nothing of significance, and nothing that alters the gameplay experience in a negative way. The Sly Collection is the closest thing to perfect the Vita has seen, with regards to ports or remastered games.

    The port was handled by Sanzaru Games, the same developer who handled the PS3 Sly Collection, and developed the most recent entry into the Sly Cooper franchise, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. Clearly they went into the project of porting the games to the Vita with a great understanding of the franchise, and more importantly with experience of developing for the Vita. This helped them achieve a nearly flawless port.

    The Sly Collection's gameplay remains the amazing 3D platformer that we all enjoyed back on the PS2. In fact, it might even play better than the PS2 version, which is a huge compliment towards remastered games. This version of The Sly Collection felt perfect. It didn't feel as if anything had to be trimmed or taken away. The gameplay didn't have to be compromised in order for us to enjoy Sly Cooper on the go. Finally Vita owners could actually experience what a true remaster is, a classic game that we all loved but.... better.

    I experienced absolutely no frame rate drops, no buggy gameplay, no flaw with the gameplay whatsoever. I was truly blown away with the amount of perfection achieved by Sanzaru Games. When it comes to a platformer one wrong move and you could be falling to your death. When playing the Jak and Daxter collection the buggy gameplay, and poorly placed buttons, caused me to die again and again. However, I never experienced this when playing the Sly Collection. Not only is the gameplay near perfect, but the button placement is superb.

    Finally, I would like to point out that the games look so good on the PS Vita. The colors are so vibrant and just pop on the Vita's screen, whether you are playing on the OLED or LCD screen. The visuals are amazing, albeit not as great as the PS3 visuals. However that is nothing to fret over, and it is hardly a downgrade. Overall the visuals are amazing. It is the sound that is an occasional mess. I often noticed a litte sound compression, and a few times the sound would go out all together. Neither of these are problems to truly fret over though.

    Overall the Sly Collection is the closest to perfection any attempt at porting PS2 classics has come. The remaster does not hold anything back in attempt to fit it on the Vita. Instead the remaster serves its purpose well, that is to take the games we loved and make them better and more enjoyable on the go. I would recommend buying this game to everyone, whether you have played any of the Sly series before or not.


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    Item Reviewed: The Sly Collection Review For The PS Vita Rating: 5 Reviewed By: TheAuburnMan
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