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    PS Vita Playstation Store Sneak Peek For June 3rd

    Each tuesday the playstation store updates and brings us many new games to enjoy. Therefore each week we will bring you a sneak peak of the games to come for the Vita. Keep in mind this is for North American Vitas only and the news is subject to change.

    June 2nd PS Vita Releases- 

    1001 Spikes- 1001 Spikes is a 2D platformer that claims to possibly be the most challenging game to come to the Vita this year. The player has only 1001 lives to complete the extremely challenging platformer that has a hint of Spelunky about it. 1001 Spikes also has co-op and versus multiplayer!
    PS Vita Pets- Playstation Vita Pets is the first pet simulator to launch on the Vita. However this is not like any other pet simulator. In PS Vita Pets players can pick from four different puppies, raise the puppy a little, and then venture out onto the island is search for a lost King and his puppy. Oh, and these dogs can also talk.... so yeah theres that.

    Hyperdimension Neptunia PP- HyperDimension Neptunia is a RPG in which players are tasked with being a producer. Players will have to help singers to become pop-stars, by managing things such as vocal training, and dance training. The assumption is that this game will cost $29.99, however the price has not been announced.
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