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    SteamWorld Heist Might Be Headed To The PS Vita

    Image and Form Games have officially announced their successor to Indie Hit SteamWorld Dig in the form of SteamWorld Heist. Although the systems for the game have not been announced it is presumed the game will be landing on the PS Vita once again when it launches. The previous game, SteamWorld Dig, was extremely popular on the PS Vita and it quite frankly played much better on there than any other system.

    SteamWorld Heist is not a direct sequel to SteamWorld Dig. In fact CEO Brjan Sigurgeirsson hinted to SteamWorld Dig's successor being a turn-based game this time around, in contrast to the unique Terraria/Spelunky hybrid we experienced before.

    SteamWorld Dig originally hit the 3DS and PC before deciding several months later to bring to the PS Vita and PS4. However the game experienced great success on the PS Vita, so it easy to assume the game will also hit the PS Vita as well. However only time will tell. The game is in early development so expect to hear the systems it will arrive on in the coming months.
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