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    February Arcade Block Review

    Here we go, a little late, but still here we go. Its that time of the month where we take a look at the amazing Arcade Block. This months box was packed full of some gear from some of gaming's most glorious franchises. The February box included gear from Sonic, Pac Man, Star Fox, and so many more cool items. This just shows the great dedication that Arcade Block focuses on gamers, one of the biggest reasons we love to work with them.

    For those of you who may not have read one of these before, or don't know what Arcade Block is. Arcade Block is a monthly subscription box where fans pay a small flat fee and receive a great box each and every month full of gear from gaming's best. We definitley suggest you subscribe now, but if you don't want to take our word for it, check out this review of Arcade Block's February's Block.

    February Arcade Block
    Price- $20
    Price of Items- $66.62
    Savings- $46.62

    Majora's Mask T-Shirt
    EMSRP- $20
    This Arcade Block was jam packed this time around. I mean the box is always full, but this one almost brought a tear to my eye because it was so precious. The first item of this massive box was our shirt. Majora's Mask was the theme of our special shirt this month, and we couldn't have been more excited. The design was amazing, the quality was great, and it stayed with theme of the gaming greats. One last tidbit, If I were you I'd subscribe quick because next month features two t-shirts!

    StarFox Coffee Mug
    EMSRP- $9.99
    The next item we ran into had us super intrigued because it was another box inside our block. We instantly ripped into that thing to find an amazing Star Fox Mug, that plays off of Starbucks Coffee. The StarFox Coffee mug was great quality, and is amazing for classic gaming fans like us!

    Sonic Figure
    EMSRP- $7.66
    Ok, you ring collecting fiends, this one is for you. This months Block contained an awesome Sonic Buildable Figure. In fact you could have been able to collect one of six different buildable figures. These included Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Bionic Sonic, a yellow sonic, and a I have given up attempting to name these Sonic Figures. It was a fun item to find in this months block for sure!

    Pac-Man Keychain
    EMSRP- $8.98
    Next item was my favorite for many different reasons, but mainly because I like key-chains even though I have nowhere to put them. The next item was the coolest little Pac-Man key-chain that would make that classic gobbling sound whenever you pressed the button on his back. So long as you aren't like me and have somewhere to actually put this guy, it is a great item. Its alright, someone in the office already stole the thing anyways.

    Hyrule Mouse Pad
    EMSRP- $4.99
    For the first of two awesome Zelda items, we ran into this super neat Hyrule mouse pad. Oh, in case the name wasn't obvious enough, this is a mouse pad...... with a map of Hyrule on it. Its a cool, high quality mouse pad that fans and non-fans alike can both enjoy.

    Link Plushie
    EMSRP- $15
    Finally, time for the Arcade Certified Item of The Month, which is a nice Plushie of Zelda...... I mean Link? This plushie is the second great item from The Legend of Zelda in the box, and I certainly don't think that fans are complaining at all. This is a great item to close out one of the best Arcade Blocks we have received. We cannot wait to see next months box, which includes two shirts. Don't miss out on this awesomeness and just subscribe.

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