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    Curve Digital Announces Four Sided Fantasy For the PS Vita

    Once again Curve Studios is caught supporting the great PS Vita system. This time in the form of their newest title, Four Sided Fantasy. Four Sided Fantasy was announced for the PS Vita as well as a few other consoles earlier today. This just proves once more that Curve Studios is a true champion of the PS Vita movement.

    Four Sided Fantasy is described as a game where players must maneuver past obstacles using the ability to screen warp. Screen warp is explained by comparing the game to Pac Man. When players would leave off on side of the screen, and appear on the other side. This same effect is applied to this 3D adventure game, and apparently the ability is able to be toggled on and off at any given time. More of the games features taken directly from the developers site are listed below.

    1. "Unique, mind bending ability revitalizes a long neglected aspect of games"
    2. "Beautiful, crisp art style inspired by the illustrations of Justin Mezzell"
    3. "Mesmerizing music, composed by.... M.J. Quigley"
    4. "Haunting sound created by Ian Shores"
    5. "Seamless movement from level to level, using filmic transitions"

    Four Sided Fantasy is being published by Curve Studios sometime in 2016 on the PS Vita system, alongside the PS4 and PS3. Hopefully, and presumably the game will implement cross-buy across the Playstation platforms, but only time will tell. Stay tuned to the VitaBoys for any more news that occurs.
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