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    April GeekFuel Review

    Fuelers Assemble! Did you guess this month’s theme? That’s right this month’s theme is Sonic the Hedgehog…ok fine it's Marvel. Speaking of Marvel, GeekFuel decided this month was some lucky winners chance to win a chance to see The newest Avengers movie in theatres, on top of the amazing items packed into this months box.  That’s right all Geek Fuel subscribers got a chance to win a ticket to Avengers: Age of Ultron tickets were thrown in to boxes randomly, this alone makes this Geek Fuel worth it. Did you get lucky? Geek Fuel would love to know send a picture of your ticket (@Geek Fuel) on Instagram or Facebook! Lets get started with our geeky items shall we, and hey don't forget to subscribe to the box and recieve a special gift using the link below.

    February GeekFuel
    Price- $13.90
    Price of Items- $59.99

    BreakStuff Club Mug
    EST. MSRP- $15.00
     Let’s take a moment to remember “The Breakfast Club”, personally one of my favorite movies.... that I have never seen. Geek Fuel reminds us of that all time classic and parodies it with “The Breakstuff Club” with each Avenger representing a character in the movie from their individualized locker. It’s definitely one of the most interesting and unique designs I’ve seen in a subscription box in a while. For all you lazy people out there don’t worry its dishwasher safe so you can stop having a mini heart attack. This collective mug is a Geek Fuel exclusive meaning if you’re not subscribed to Geek Fuel your missing out on exclusive items.  

    Scribblenauts Unmasked Mini-figure
    EST. MSRP- $4.99
     If you played Scribblenauts you probably loved every second of it. For those of you who never played Scribblenauts let me give you the skinny. You are a young boy named Maxwell, who has a magical notebook that makes words come to life. I only played the original back in 2009(dang I’m old) so obviously this brings back loads of nostalgia for me. In the new Scribblenauts you can write DC’s greatest heroes out of thin air. A lot of people loved the cute style of the cartoon heroes, and rightly so because these figures are the bomb. Fuelers had a chance to get 1of8 incredible super heroes along with a stand to go with it. All in all this is a great little model for any Justice League or Scribblenauts fan.

    Kingdom Wars: Battles Steam Key
     Login to your Steam account we got a game code ladies and gentlemen. As you know every month Geek Fuel gives their subscribers a free steam key and stickers that go with said game. This month’s game is Kingdom Wars: Battles, if that title didn’t excite you, might I suggest a therapy session. The games itself get mixed reviews, but averages out around 8/10 I played it for about a couple hours and got addicted very quickly. It’s the FIRST EVER 3D MMORTS (massive multiplayer online real-time strategy)   with real-time siege combat, not only that but this is a brand new game that was released in March 27 2015. Geek Fuel never ceases to amaze me, and brand new game that’s a 20$ value ‘nuff said.

     Exclusive T-Shirt
     Look it’s the Super Turtle Avenger Ninjas! I’ll work on the name later once again an exclusive unique design you really won’t find anywhere else. However, the creativity on this design is in truth first-class greatness each character is perfectly crafted. The shirt itself fits incredibly comfortably and is made of heavy cotton and comes with an easy tear-away tag so no pesky tag on the back of your shirt. I never have had a bad shirt from Geek Fuel but this one is definitely something I will be wearing a lot. One more thing it’s a Geek Fuel exclusive sorry all you non-subscribers.

    Well, that wraps up this month’s geeky mystery box, it seems like Geek Fuel get better and better every month so why not try it out just click the picture below to subscribe to Geek Fuel just like our friend Abbey says “You are almost there” just click the picture below for some geeky goodness, until next time Vitaboys out!

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