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    The Magnolia March Audiofest

    What's up audiofiles, I know we are all always looking to find some premium audio gear to pair with our Vita’s, PS4’s and Switches. Luckily, if you are anything like me, March is perfect for us. Magnolia’s March AudioFest is here, and as a lover of all things audio, it is totally worth checking out.

    Magnolia’s March AudioFest is 31 days of great deals and steals on the audio gear of your dreams to pair up with your device of choice. Whether you want to pump up your games, listen to your podcast, jam some tunes, or blare The Office theme song at deafening levels at two in the morning, Magnolia has some perfect products at great prices this month. Thanks to Magnolia’s March AudioFest, we can all enjoy savings on speakers, receivers, wireless audio gear, headphones, hi-res audio products and so much more.

    We personally love our Magnolia products, we especially love picking up our headphones there. They are great for playing Yakuza 6 til the wee hours of the night. Magnolia’s March AudioFest comes with great weekly savings, both online and other amazing offers in stores. You definitely will want to check back often for new deals on extraordinary audio gear at incredible prices.

    Audio is what Magnolia does best, and that is what makes their products so great. Yes, the offer video gear and they are great at that too. However, it the audio that takes gaming, watching and viewing into a true experience. For that you need some great audio. With a premium selection of audio gear from the world’s most sought-after-brands you’ll be experiencing a home entertainment environment where the walls magically melt away and you find yourself transformed to a world where your entertainment truly comes to life.

    It is time to take your gaming, viewing, and listening to the next level. When you’re ready to experience premium audio at amazing prices, stop into your nearest Magnolia store and start hearing things in a whole new way.

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