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    Kunai, Switch's Newest Grappling, Sword Swinging Adventure Release Today

    Kunai, a game following a charismatic warrior fighting to save humanity from being overwritten by a new mechanical age, is heading to the Nintendo Switch today. This news comes via the publisher, Arcade Crew, and developer TurtleBlaze. 

    Learn more about Nintendo's newest grappling, sword swinging, adventure, directly from The Arcade Crew's press release below.

    Decking players out in minutes with a killer sword, dual grappling hook-esque short blades, and the most emotive operating system ever created, KUNAI keeps exploration snappy, fluid, and entertainin

    KUNAI’s journey pits players against the subservient AI hordes commanded by Lemonkus. Once a spirited, well-meaning inventor, Lemonkus’ aspirations for bettering the world have devolved into a ceaseless march for efficiency regardless of consequences. Players stand as the final chance for reverting humankind’s imminent demise before Lemonkus’ ultimate vision is made a reality.
    KUNAI Features:
    • Relentless Agility: Grapple up walls, hop across enemies, and hover over hazards. KUNAI’s traversal between regions and foes is smooth, swift, and responsive.
    • Killer Weapons: Wreck havoc with a missile-deflecting sword, death-dodging kunai, and dual-wieldable machine guns. KUNAI’s formidable weapons grant a fighting chance in a world overrun by despair.
    • Overflowing Charm: Feel like >:[ after taking a hit, :D while swinging over hazards, and :3 when crouching to ambush the level below. KUNAI’s starring warrior wears all emotions on its slee- … er, screen.
    • Evolving Arsenal: Unlock powerful new abilities to ensure your tablet-powered onslaught is a state-of-the-art affair.
    • Colourful Visuals: A striking visual style gives each region an immediate identity, with palettes ranging from subdued to gorgeously rich and vivid.
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