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    New PS Vita Games for 8/12/14

    Hello all Vita fans! We are finally getting over the summer drought and our wallets will not like it at all. On this coming Tuesday, we will see six new PS Vita releases which include two full retail releases. Let's go ahead and give a run down on what we will be expecting when PSN updates:

    Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed (Digital & Retail)

    Akiba's Trip finally travels to the West with a wonderful romp through the carefully replicated Akihabara entertainment district of Tokyo. Crafting weapons and stripping down vampires will sure to bring hours of gameplay.

    Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (Digital & Retail)

    Hey doods! Disgaea 4 is back and this time in handheld form. Taking the popular PS3 release and adding every bit of DLC available, you can be sure that you will not run out of content. This features new spells and mechanics found from previous games.

    Gravity Crush Ultra (Digital)

    Running at 60 FPS and native resolution, Gravity Crush Ultra will be one fine looking game. With fast paced action, fans of the original game will not be let down

    Hohokum (Digital, Cross Buy)

    Take part in a relaxing game with an amazing soundtrack. Hohokum will take you through a non-linear world that will open your ears!

    My Singing Monsters (Digital)

    Gotta collect and breed all the singing monsters! Collect monsters to populate your island and hear the beautiful (as beautiful as monsters can get) voices.

    Phantom Breaker (Digital)

    The Xbox 360 8-bit beat em up finally comes to the PS Vita. With 4 player co-op, fans will sure get their money's worth with this.

    Keep tuned to Vitaboys for reviews of Disgaea 4 and Akiba's Trip!!

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    Adrian Rubio

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