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    The Muppet Movie Adventures Headed To The PS Vita

    It is official, the PS Vita has received another huge AAA title exclusive. Well that actually might be an overstatement. In actuality the PS Vita will be recieving The Muppet Movie Adventures exclusively on the handheld system. 

    The details on this game are very thin. However we do know players will take on the roles of the Muppet characters as they adventure through various movie genres. You will be able to explore five worlds, containing adventures from Spaghetti Westerns to Sci Fi Thrillers.

    It is slightly odd that the game will be releasing as an exclusive to the Vita. It seems as if Sony might have had to pull a few strings there. Perhaps it's another way for Sony to market the Vita towards kids a bit more.  Whatever the reason expect to see The Muppets grace your screen very soon.

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