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    Pix The Cat Coming to The PS Vita Next Week

    October 7th is shaping out to be a good week for game launches on the PS Vita. It has officially been announced via the Playstation Blog that Pix The Cat will be joining the grand lineup next week as well. 

     Pix the Cat was originally announced for the PS Vita and PS4 not even a few months ago at Gamescom. The game excited many fans of nostalgia because it is a game infused with gameplay styles of the past. Pix the Cat plays similar to "Snake", players are tasked with successfully collecting the desired amount of ducklings before the time runs out and its game over. Players will have to use speed and wit to glide through many levels without running into any walls or getting stopped by enemies. It is truly a game of pure nostalgia.
    Pix the Cat will be launching on October 7th for a more than worth it price of $9.99. It is currently unknown at this time as to whether or not cross-buy will be implemented. However it seems that just about every game implements this, so its extremely likely Pix the Cat will too.

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