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    Update on OddWorld New 'n' Tasty PS Vita

    OddWorld New 'n' Tasty was announced to be coming to the PS Vita, as well as other Playstation platforms, quite a while ago. Recently fans have begun to grow impatient as they wait upon the release, or at least an update as to the current happenings with the game. Finally we have received word on the current stage of development after the developers took to their blog to fill us in on the reason for the delays.

    In a nutshell the development team stated that OddWorld New 'n' Tasty is proving to be a challenge to port over due to the expansive worlds within the game. They are reportedly having to "break down some of the huge scrolling areas seen in the PC and PS4 versions." This is a challenge to complete while attempting to maintain the same great gameplay. The team states that they are having to work "delicately and methodically " to get the Vita version completed.
    OddWorld New 'n' Tasty will definitely not be showing its face anytime soon on the PS Vita, that is for sure. The development team states that they will have more information in the coming weeks and months. This likely means that fans will not be playing OddWorld on their PS Vita for a little while. However this is the price paid for having a well developed game released day 1. As we learn more on the development of OddWorld New 'n' Tasty we will let you know.
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