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    PS Plus on The Vita For November 2014

    PS Vita fans guess what! Its that time of the month again. The time to look forward to next month and see what free games will be filling our PS Vita's. Its time to see the free PS Vita games for PS Plus subscribers for the month of November. Check out all the free games to look forward to in the detailed list below!

    The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated action RPG. Players take on the role of Isaac as he attempts to fight his way to safety. On his journey players will fight off droves of mysterious creatures, find hidden treasures, and discover bizarre secrets. 

    SteamWorld Dig launched to raving reviews and loving fans earlier this year. The game puts players in a world where humans have prematurely been wiped from the face of the earth and robots are the only inhabitants of the world. Play as a steam-powered robot in the middle of the wild west while you mine for treasure and attempt to find the secrets of your grandfathers mine!

    Frozen Synapse Prime launched very recently on the Vita with great praise from the community. Frozen Synapse Prime is a very popular turn-based strategy game. Players attempt to destroy eachother by commanding a small group of soldiers. Equipped with multiplayer functionality, Frozen Synapse Prime is an absolute steal at the price of.... free!

    Luftrausers is a shoot-em-up that only launched earlier this year. Players take control of an Aircraft in the middle of a World War. Use the multidirectional controls to kill every plane surrounding you and achieve victory!

    The Hungry Horde is a very promising Zombie game for the PS Vita that has yet to even launch. In the Hungry Horde players take control of a horde of zombies and take to the streets to find any humans they can. As you devour a human they join the horde and increase your size. Look for this to be free for subscribers the moment it launches.

    Escape Plan came to the PS Vita as a launch title and instantly established itself as one of the best games to be on the PS Vita. Players control cutesy characters Lil and Laarg through some not so cutesy rooms laced with booby traps. Every wrong move means death so play carefully, and better yet play for free next month.
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