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    There Is No Reason To Be Upset Over The PS Vita's E3, Heres Why

    It is not an overstatement to say Sony completely angered Vita fans at this years E3. With very few and disappointing announcements, it seemed as if Sony had forgotten the PS Vita altogether during their press conference. To make matters worse they announced the most requested game for Vita, Final Fantasy Type-0, and then announced that it was a mistake.

    So yes, there are plenty of reason for the Vita community to be upset or angered. However there is absolutely no reason for fans to give up. Why, because the Vita doesn't usually get a good showing at E3 anyways. I distinctly remember watching the entire Sony press conference at E3 last year, and being beyond disappointed. I felt the same way many fans do today, "oh sony has given up on the vita, and "oh, why can't we get any games." I was prepared to put away my Vita for a while.

    Following that E3, Gamescom came around I hesitated but eventually decided that I would watch the conference to see what Sony would do. They amazed me, they dropped the Vita Price, and announced Borderlands 2, and many more announcements came along as well. In fact look think about this, most of the big games you love to play on the Vita right now, were announced at Gamescom. Including, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Fez, and of course Borderlands 2. Huge games coming down the pipeline for Vita were announced at Gamescom not E3, like Minecraft, Hotline Miami 2, and Muraski Baby!

    The point is the Vita always gets better treatment at Gamescom, which by the way is only two months away. We cannot forget that Sony has two other consoles to worry about as well, one of which just launched not even a few months ago. It is understandable that Sony would dedicate the biggest event in gaming towards their newest console. If Gamescom came around and nothing got announced fans might have a reason to be concerned. However for now lets wait out this bumpy week. Hold on till Gamescom, and enjoy the expansive list of games that the Vita has already coming down the pipeline.
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