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    All News Compiled on Infamous PS Vita

    Hey guys, everyone has heard the rumors of Infamous potentially coming to the Playstation Vita. Now with E3 approaching we may see that rumor come to light. We decided to compile all the evidence we could find of a potential ps vita release of Infamous.

    Clue #1:
    For starters how about that interview with Nate Fox from Sucker Punch. When he was asked about a potential Infamous PS Vita game, he froze up and answered the following very nervously.

    "Right now we’re only talking about the PS4 game… I’d love to tell you about any Vita related titles when… or if the time comes."

    Now this interview obviously occurred well before Infamous: Second Son even launched on the PS4. This means if there is an Infamous game in the works, it could be fairly far along in the development stage. It could even be finished and prepared for announcement at E3. Of course this is all just speculation. What really talks is facts, and the fact we get from this is Nate Fox has done plenty of interviews. It is hard to believe he was nervous about doing the interview. The best guess is he has something to hide. Of course this doesn't mean the game has been developed, but it possibly was being prepped for funding, or development. Nate Fox was probably working closely with the project, and was afraid he might accidentally let something slip. Therefore he chose his words extra carefully, but it just came out awkward, and led everyone to believe Infamous is making its way to the PS Vita!

    Clue #2:
    The second and final clue once again comes from an E3 of yesteryear. During an announcement of Tearaway for the Playstation Vita, logos were appearing on the screen fairly quickly. Just as one game logo came up, another went away.

    Heres the thing about the Logos however, each logo was of a game that had appeared or was going to appear on the Vita. That's right, every single logo during the Ps Vita announcements were of Vita games. However one logo appeared that didn't seem to belong there, or did it?

    Check out this picture below:
    This is a picture from that E3 announcement I was speaking of. Right there circled in red is the logo for Infamous. Now sure this too could be speculation, but lets face it, it probably isn't. What are the chances that every logo that appeared was for the PS Vita, except for one that what.... accidentally got placed in the slideshow. Its very doubtful.
    So, whether you believe the rumors to be true or not, we decided to compile what we could find. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Are you excited for a potential release of Infamous PS Vita!
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